Winter is on its way !

Well another summer is over and we are already preparing for another busy period. Following our activities staffs recent success, were they were able to confirm that EVERY resident had gone out on a trip over the Summer period, we agreed a number of additional events for the Winter period as follows:

  • October Wk 13th – Harvest Festival School Singers
  • November 15th – In-house Entertainer with Songs from the Musicals

December  (TBC Weardale Singers and the Junior Band)

  • 6Th In-house Pantomime
  • Metro Centre Christmas Shopping (Date TBC)

Christmas-Party22nd Christmas Party with In-house Entertainment

images24th St Thomas Church Choir                      (TBC)




As always, family and friends are more than welcome to join us and we look forward to seeing you at one, or hopefully more, of these events. Maria